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Navy Ugg Boot | Tall Surf
Tall Surf Ugg Boots

Price: AUD $165.00

Chestnut Wrap
Wrap Boots

Price: AUD $185.00

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*Sheepskin Ugg Boots?

Sheepskin ugg boots have been manufactured and worn in Australia for many generations, and one style or another can be found lurking in virtually every Australian’s wardrobe – surfers in particular, who use them to warm the feet after hours in the sea. It is little surprise, therefore, that they feature in the official Macquarie Dictionary (where they are generically termed Ug, Ugg® and Ugh boots and described as "a fleecy lined boot with an untanned upper".)

Kidsboots - for leather, suede & sheepskin childrens shoes, Australia

In the last few years, much to the amazement of the Aussies, these boots have become the trendiest footwear on the market, the word "Ugg" has been trademarked, and is now a registered trademark of Ugg® Holdings. However Ugg® Holdings were not the first company to make these boots; this much loved Australian icon has been available here for as long as any Australian is able to remember. Inevitably now Ugg fever has taken hold worldwide, there are many synthetic imitations available, but those which are authentic, Australian-made and 100% sheepskin are still very hard to find, particularly at an affordable price.

Here at Ozbootz we pride ourselves at being able to offer just that. We produce superb quality boots from the best Australian sheepskin, and our range covers ten different colours. And our prices have got to be seen to be believed!

We wish to make it very clear to our customers that our footwear is not Ugg® branded and we do not sell any of their boots. We have no affiliation with Ugg® Australia and associated companies, and we will not be selling their products.

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