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Care Instructions

Initial Protection

These boots are not designed to be worn in very wet conditions or in the snow, however their water-repellency can be greatly enhanced with the application of the Woolskin Protector, which is available on this site. If this product is applied to the sheepskin before use, it provides a remarkably effective seal against dirt and any discolouration this might cause.


IF your boots do become soiled and stained, they can be safely laundered by hand or machine, in cold or warm water using a recommended wool wash. We suggest the use of the Woolskin Shampoo and Woolwash available on this site, which also contains a conditioning agent to lubricate the skin and enhance the air circulation between the wool fibres.
For machine-washing select the woolens setting, double rinse and then spin dry.
For hand washing leave to soak for 10 minutes and then squeeze by hand until clean, but be sure not to stretch the skin. Rinse thoroughly with cold water until it runs clear, squeeze out any excess water and leave in a warm place to dry away from any direct heat or sunlight. Alternatively the boots can be tumble-dried, but only on a warm (NOT HOT) setting.

Persistent oily stains can also be treated by applying white chalk dust to the soiled area. After a few minutes blow off the dust and rub the stain. If the stain persists, a suede brush can be used but be warned that this can remove some colour.

Variations in Colour

Sheepskin is a totally natural product and as such each skin will respond in a slightly different way to the dyeing process. For this reason you may notice small variations in colour from one boot to the next.


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