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*Sheepskin "Ugg" Boots

High Quality Australian Made Sheepskin Boots

Originally used to keep surfers feet warm, ugg boots have now come to fame worldwide. Last year they were paraded around Hollywood both on and off the set. This year they're the most fashionable footwear of the millenium - still a favourite down at the beach, but now also commonplace in the city, at the supermarket, 'down the pub' and even on the school run!

We produce genuine sheepskin ugg boots.

The height of fashion, yet the most comfortable footwear on the market, Ozbootz are proudly made in Australia, and sold all over the world.

We market predominately through this website, which keeps our costs down. We do not have a corporate HQ, and we do not use hugely expensive TV and media marketing campaigns. Instead we pass the savings on to you - which is why we can make such high quality ugg boots so truly affordable.

*We wish to make it very clear to our customers that our footwear is not Ugg® branded and we do not sell any of their boots. We have no affiliation with Ugg® Australia and associated companies.


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